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How did it all start

In our family, we always shared passion for great outdoors, sightseeing, and traveling in general. In particular, we loved car trips; it was always a joy to drive anything with an engine that can ride on the road. This contributed to the fact that in my adult life, I have traversed Europe with different travel agencies, both as a driver and as a customer. But almost each time, something came along that I didn’t like about the agency’s attitude towards clients, something that was wrong. I was telling myself: “It is not supposed to be like this, this could go so much better.” This was one of the reasons why I founded the travel and transportation agency called DT Praha, after several years of planning, with the help of my closest family.
All beginnings are hard, they really are. But our efforts and enthusiasm started to pay off. The number of clients increased, and their demands upon our car fleet, flexibility, and transparency of our services got higher. If someone starts a small family business, the goal must not be mere profit. It is necessary to see the meaning of the work, and to enjoy it. The businessman must devote his time, efforts, and heart to his business; each customer must be approached as if he or she was the only and most important client. Therefore, in 2014, we decided to streamline DT Praha services, and to separate our passenger and minibus transportation from the rest. We have named the servicePrague-Personal-Transport.cz.

I believe that it is better to do one thing properly, than to do ten things half-heartedly.

Let us not fool ourselves that there is no competition in the field of passenger transportation, especially within Prague. The opposite is true. And for any company, no matter how big, it is important to be different from the competition. But what competitive advantage can a small family startup have? In what respect can we perform better than big companies with huge funds, running taxi service, bus transportation, messenger service, contractual transportation, package delivery, web design, marketing consultancy, all in one, companies that are, according to their own statements, the cheapest, the fastest, the most exclusive?
First of all, we value our good reputation, which has less to do with being cheaper at all costs, and more to do with the level of services provided and with personal approach to each individual client. We do not distinguish “standard clients” from “exclusive clients” or “very important clients”, as each client deserves “exclusive” approach and services, worth of their money. We prefer being the best for our satisfied clients over being the cheapest and fastest on our own website. This is why it is important to us that all of our cars are elegant, absolutely clean, and in perfect technical condition, that our drivers not only know how to get from place A to place B and put client’s suitcase in the luggage compartment but that they are also able, to the extent possible, help and advise the client regarding accommodation, sights, or public transportation in Prague. A positive reference that we get from a satisfied client is thousand times more valuable to us than any marketing hype that we would write on our leaflets ourselves. We don’t do everything. We only do what we can do, but we are working hard and we enjoy our work.

I am convinced that you will be completely satisfied if you decide to use our services.

All the best, yours sincerely,
Karel Komenda, Managing Director at DT Praha (and an occasional driver at PPT :) )